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What engineers say about Profit

We believe that a job at Profit is the best you can get. But who can explain better than an engineer who actually works with us?

Maarten, Technical Manager at Profit4Cloud

“My name is Maarten and I started working at Profit in 2007. Those were the days, compared to the dark period that would follow during the crisis. The phone never stopped ringing. Many companies called who wanted to add an University of Twente graduated embedded systems engineer to their team. After a few good meetings with quite a few employees of Profit and their Business Lines, I happily signed my contract. I perceive Profit as an agile sized company with many professionals employees. Our clients perceive us as very professional company, which can match clients with the best engineers. This is what attracts me in Profit. I am allowed to indicate what is important to me, which job you want, what product you like to work on, working environment, etcetera. Profit finds me a suitable project. Direct communication and the fact that managers are very concerned with what occupies your mind, creates excellent circumstances to work in. Profit knows how to ask the right questions. This allows you to develop your personality and places you in a fine workplace without any delays or obstacles. I would recommend any professional to get in touch as soon as possible, and do also plan a meeting with one of your future colleagues.”

Maarten, Senior Software Designer at Profit

“Just like my namesake, I am employed at Profit for many years now. I joined in 2001 and never looked back. My name is Maarten and after my education Industrial Automation I worked at many leading companies as Software/Electro engineer and later as embedded software engineer. My current employment is as senior embedded software designer at a supplier of lithographical machines. My job entails coming up and implementing algorithms for route planning within a framework where the servo loops are defined. These are everchanging and this results in real-time requirements. It makes my work greatly challenging. On the one side there is the complexity of the algorithm and on the other side the need to do it quick. In general there is a high need for software coming in from different teams. It needs to arrive in the right order and field tested before moving on to the next step. A delicate operation. As the year shows I am working with a lot of pleasure and pride at Profit. It is a perfectly sized company where everybody knows everybody and everything is possible. You want to follow a course, or you want to move into a different area of expertise? No problem. Many bigger and smaller well-known companies make good use of our high standard service. I am very proud that there are now 4 branches and that we weather the good times and the bad as a solid group of people. Every reason to stick around and work on new challenges.”

A Profitable relocation experience, by Jorge Herranz Olazabal

Moving to a foreign country can be difficult when it comes to dealing with emotional distress, mostly because one is separated from most of his loved ones and in a new and unknown environment. However, if this period of change is led by someone local equipped with the right tools and savvy to ease the process, this transition becomes possible for almost everyone curious enough to take the chance.

I am a Spanish engineer who moved to Eindhoven for work some time ago and Profit (managed by Wicher Harmsen) was the company that dealt with my relocation process. From the beginning the company has been handling all situations in a professional and efficient way; from the accommodation, to the health insurance paperwork or the banking issues.

Profit's philosophy is a simple one: to avoid the denial of problems. For this, they take special care in facing and solving them head on using their quick thinking and expertise. From my experience, I can say that if you are thinking about moving forward with your career in a different country, having an agency that can handle most of the situations that arise with your relocation process, is a cornerstone that allows you to flourish as a professional. This way, the less worries you have, the more you can focus on being efficient yourself. 

Overall it may be said that your chances of success will surely increase if you have the assistance of a company where the professionals managing it get involved with you and actually care, scenario which I found at Profit.