Application procedure

Applying for a job at Profit? Easy!

What to expect when you apply for a job at Profit? Let us explain.

Step 1
Usually we do the first assessment on the telephone. Are there sufficient points of connection for the vacancy you are interested in? Maybe we have a better suited job for you within our organization.

Step 2
When we match we will instantly plan a first interview with you on a location that is most nearby where you live. It can occur that we also directly plan the full application procedure. This results in one trip with multiple purposes. A programming test could be a part of the procedure.

Step 3
When we have concluded the entire process, a contract at Profit will be waiting for you. We have tailor made the contract to fit your personal desires and wishes.

Step 4
You accept the offer and we plan a moment to put our signatures on it. This is the starting point. We will go out to find a project that is befitting for you knowledge, talent and ambition.