Profit4Talent opens up opportunities

In recent times we have noticed there is a huge gap between the need for talent and the availability of them on the job market. Profit4Talent has the know-how and is updated on the right paths towards resourcing talents. We provide an education so they can bloom in the presence of our clients. The concepts frees you from risk, strain and investment beforehand.

Why Profit4Talent?
By working with Profit4Talent you are guaranteed of:

  • Improving on balance between internal and external
  • New employees (bring new diligence)
  • High quality employees
  • Updated in the newest techniques
  • Guarantee of knowledge
  • Increase of capacity

Who is Profit4Talent?
Profit4Talent is a group of enthusiastic professionals with a passion for people and the IT business. They want to delve deep into the wealth of talented people out there and establish personal growth. Another goal is improving the professionalisation of the Dutch IT landscape. How can this goal better be obtained than by recruiting the right professionals? Marc Woolderink, Director of Profit4Cloud, has taken the initiative to breathe life into Profit4Talent. He brings along a surplus of IT experience, but he also has a formal education to be a teacher under his belt. He brings didactic and experience to the table and is closely related to all the projects.

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