Profit is fully equipped for Technical Automation

One of the Profit Business Lines is Profit4TA, which is short for Profit For Technical Automation. In this area of expertise we focus on embedded and technical automation. We design, develop and implement complex software solutions for high-end technical surroundings. We are active in the following sectors:

  • Medical and professional systems
  • Automotive
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Defence
  • Aviation & Spacecraft

Profit features all thinkable skills to support projects. Unix or Windows based applications or embedded software makes no difference to us. Our engineers are highly skilled in their field of business.

Innovation increase in technical automation
Anyone who isĀ familiar with technical automation will agree with us that the increased use of embedded systems is the third big innovation acceleration in this particular work field. The enormous growth of internet and the use of smartphones is the cause of that. Embedded software profits from continuously lowering production costs and size of transistors. The implementation of embedded software can be done everywhere and without leaving a big footprint on the environment.

Broad experience with embedded software
Profit4TA has all the knowledge and expertise to fulfil the highest demands. Our professionals are engineers with broad experience in embedded software development. They maintain their knowledge and improve it at every chance they get. They have a keen eye for reliability and deliver a high-end, high quality result.