• Turn your passion to Profit!
    Turn your passion to Profit!

About Profit

Profit is the ultimate service provider for technical automation, Cloud technology and Salesforce implementation.

Profit is taking the experiences it gathered since the foundation of the company in 1998 into a new direction. We now focus on custom work service. We do not limit our contribution to expert level knowledge, we combine it with an exuberant passion for our business. The early years of Profit are marked with activities concerning embedded software development and technical automation. Of course we always kept one eye on the future, for the benefit of our clients and to anticipate the new trends in the market. It was only logical our services would expand. So, besides technical automation we moved into other areas: Cloud technology and Salesforce implementation. This how the three Business Lines of Profit came to completion. We guide our clients with our technical, Cloud and Salesforce expertise.

Technical automation at the core

Starting with our proven record in embedded software development and technical automation, we created the Business Lines within Profit. These are their specifics:

  • Profit4TA: technical automation and embedded software development.
  • Profit4Cloud: Cloud engineering, back- and front end software development.
  • Profit4SF: Salesforce implementation.

With the creation of the Business Lines we anticipated the development in the market and put extra focus on it. With nearly a 100 employees we distinguish ourselves in the technical sector with multiple specialist services. We continue to grow and now target more different sectors in the technical field.

Technical automation, Cloud and Salesforce with innovation

Profit is very experienced in assignments with a high innovative intention. This is why we prefer these. We find these kind of assignments regularly in the Research Development domain. Together we strive for extraordinary technical, Cloud and Salesforce progress in these areas:

  • Medical and professional systems
  • Finances and (semi) government
  • Defence
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Publishers
  • Technical safety applications
  • Aviation & Spacecraft
  • Automotive

The unique strength of Profit finds a solid foundation in our organisation: the employees. They are the engineers with deep knowledge. They are responsible and take the initiative to present themselves as independent out-of-the-box team players.